Medical Corporation Koyukai Group
Nishimoka Children's Clinic

Telephone number



3-205-1, Takase-cho, Moka-City, Tochigi, 321-4341

Consultation hours


Pediatrics, Allergy


Allergy (outpatient), Cedar pollen sublingual immunotherapy (outpatient), Travel clinic (outpatient), Bed-wetting therapy (outpatient), Children's mental and development clinic, Speech clinic (outpatient), Writing & reading/sensory integration training, Children's home care, Smoking cessation clinic (outpatient), General medicine (outpatient), Vaccination (outpatient), Nutrition counseling (outpatient), Consultations at kindergartens/nurseries and schools


Credit cards and electronic money are accepted.

Features of our clinic

Our clinic has medical cooperation with Dokkyo Medical University Hospital, Jichi Medical University Hospital and other clinics in the area and is aiming to become one of the reliable community-based hospitals.